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The thin-film transistor (TFT) technology has been the backbone for developing modern active matrix flat-panel displays. To meet the ever-increasing demands for better image quality, higher resolution and more free form factor (flexible/foldable/stretchable), but at lower manufacturing cost, the industry is exploring the capability limits of current existing TFT technologies in amorphous- and polycrystalline-silicon. The amorphous metal oxide semiconductor TFT has emerged as a promising solution for combining high performance and large area low cost manufacturing. Solution/printing based TFT technologies, including organic TFTs, are also attracting great attention from both academia and industry. These technical advances enable to extend TFT applications to more complex electronic functions for sensing, analog and digital signal processing, and data storage. It would facilitate heterogeneous integration of multi-functional materials and provide low-cost solutions to develop a wide range of intelligent edge devices.

ITC is the conference dedicated to TFT related technologies for displays, sensors and general large area and flexible electronics, and was first held in Seoul, Korea in 2005. The 16th ITC will follow the previous ones (see the history of ITC), and provide a platform for the community to share the research progress, and discuss the challenges in this field. The areas of interest for contributors include, but are not limited to:

- Semiconductor materials and processing for high mobility TFTs

- Understanding and addressing instabilities of TFTs

- TFT based functional devices (sensors, memories, synapse, …)

- Scaling of TFTs for high resolution integration

- TFT compact models for circuit simulation

- TFT backplane integration for displays and sensors

- Flexible and stretchable TFT devices and circuits

- Circuit design and implementations of TFTs

Prospective authors should submit a two-page manuscript to using the given template.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:     6th   October, 2019  13th   October, 2019 Extended to 16th October,2019

NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE:           27th October, 2019


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Abstract Submission Deadline is extended to 13th October, 2019!



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