Preliminary Program is on-line!


ITC 2020 Program

Preliminary Program is on-line!


  • Plenary

Progress and issues in transparent TFTs 

Hideo Hosono 

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 

High performance oxide TFT for large size AMOLED display 

Weiran Cao 

TCL-CSOT, China  

Organic and hybrid organic-inorganic FETs for applications in large area electronics  

Henning Sirringhaus 

University of Cambridge, UK 

Importance of TFT technology innovation in emerging display and more than display applications 

Guangcai Yuan 

BOE, China

  • Tutorials

LTPS technology: effective crystallization for high performance Si TFTs

Takashi Noguchi 

University of the Ryukyus, Japan

Oxide TFTs for display application

Jin Jang 

Kyung Hee University, South Korea

Device physics of new material TFTs

Ananth Dodabalapur 

University of Texas at Austin, USA

TFT as self-amplifier sensor

Tayeb Mohammed-Brahim 

University of Rennes 1, France


  • Invited Speakers

Aiming Song (Shandong University, China)

Chong-an Di (Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China) 

Gerwin Gelinck (TNO/Holst Centre, Netherland) 

Huanli Dong (Insitute of Chemistry, CAS, China)  

Hyun Jae Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)

Jae Kyeong Jeong (Hanyang University, Korea) 

Kai Wang (Sun Yat-sen University, China)

Linfeng Lan (South University of Science and Technology, China)

Mamoru Furuta (Kochi University of Technology, Japan)

Qing Wan (Nanjing University, China) 

Radu Sporea (University of Surrey, UK)

Sang-Hee Ko Park (KAIST, Korea)

Wenchen Yeh (Shimane University, Japan)

Yojiro Matsueda (Tianma Japan)

Yukiharu Uraoka (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) 

Yunlong Guo (Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China) 





Final Abstract Submission Deadline is extended to 16th October, 2019!


Abstract Submission Deadline is extended to 13th October, 2019!




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